Wave goodbye to lengthy, messy clean-ups.

With Sanidoo's innovative design, you're just a quick action away from a hassle-free experience. Turn the tough chore into a blink-of-an-eye task.

Raving Reviews From Pooper Scooper Users :

Lianne Says

"Love it"

"I love my Sanidoo! I use it every day when my dog and I go for our walk. It is so light it takes no effort to carry it with me. It is very easy to use and I never have to get my hands dirty or touch another warm pile again! Thank you for making my life so much easier and cleaner."

Rachel Says

"Worth its weight in gold"

"This little gizmo is worth its weight in gold!! It painlessly does the job without me having to get close to the steaming pile. I can use the same bag for 3-5 poops, so that is easier on our landfills. The Sanidoo picks up everything, every time, even cat barf on concrete!!"